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Enhancing ROI through Targeted Strategies

At 1Digital® PPC, our focus as a premier eCommerce PPC Agency is on crafting customized PPC campaigns designed for meaningful interactions, elevated conversion rates, and superior ROI. Our clients typically see a significant return, with an average of $2.50 for every $1 spent on PPC campaigns with us.

Some Brands We Work With

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Tailored PPC Strategies Boosting Performance for Diverse Brands

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

A company that had $1.3MM in online revenue in 2020 came to us to build out a strategy that would help the merchant grow.

We engaged with the merchant on a strategy for shopping campaigns, display campaigns, and performance max campaigns.

That resulted in $5.68MM in revenue for 2021 and $9.363MM in revenue for 2022 with 1Digital’s work driving 47% of that growth.

Fashion Apparel

We moved a client from $880k annual revenue in 2020 to $2.035mm annual revenue in 2022.

92% of that revenue being driven by initiatives we created, using SEO, PPC and Web Design.

Alcohol and Tobacco

A start-up with $243k in existing annual online revenue in 2020 approached us for strategy and over the next 2 years we drove an additional $1.145MM in online revenue, with 1Digital’s strategies driving 56% of that trajectory.

The main turning point for that merchant was the complete redesign and strategy that we did which we then supported post launch with SEO and social media to drive traffic and sales.

“I’ve worked with many paid media agencies and they are one of the best! We are currently maintaining 7.0+ ROAS and, based on the success of their ad management, we had the evidence we needed to justify doubling our budget on the Google platform.”

Ellen S.

Chosen by Top Brands for PPC Excellence

We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential.

Leveraging expert PPC management and innovative strategies, we amplify your online presence and drive sustainable revenue growth.

We boost our clients to get more sales

We Build Relationships

At 1Digital® PPC, we prioritize lasting partnerships over transactions, ensuring a collaborative approach to achieve your digital marketing goals. Our commitment to understanding your unique needs fuels our ability to deliver personalized, impactful results.

Proprietary Processes

Our proprietary processes are the backbone of our PPC success, combining cutting-edge technology with deep industry insights to optimize every aspect of your campaigns. This strategic approach guarantees maximum efficiency and ROI for your digital advertising efforts.

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